Optical Transport Network IP

World class OTN IP at all rates to 100G and beyond.

FPGA Design Services

Proven experts in high speed FPGA implementation.

Software Design

Fast efficient software solutions for a wide variety of end markets.

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Optical Communication

A wide library of IP cores and full FPGA solutions for OTN, Ethernet, and other communications protocols at rates from 1G through 400G and beyond.

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FPGA Design

Custom FPGA solutions from an expert team experienced in large high speed designs, partial reconfiguration, system-on-chip, compute acceleration, and more.

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Software Design

RokoLogik designs applications, drivers, and complex algorithms, with experience in data processing, code optimization, hardware acceleration, and more.

The RokoLogik Story

We are passionate about creating innovative designs to advance network technology in order to push the growth of high bandwidth applications that enrich all of our lives.

Our history begins with Avalon Microelectronics, which was acquired by Altera, which was in turn acquired by Intel.

It was within these organizations where the members of the RokoLogik team had the opportunity to develop industry leading Optical Transport Network (OTN) solutions for many of the leading OTN equipment manufacturers. This sparked our passion for innovation, allowed us to become OTN application experts, and to push the limits of FPGA technology.

As a group, we are passionate about where we live – the beautiful province of Newfoundland & Labrador on Canada’s east coast. When Intel decided to close its Newfoundland Technology Center we created RokoLogik to allow us to continue doing what we love in the place we love.

What do we do?

  • Driver development
  • Application development
  • Software testing
  • Device testing
  • Complex algorithm design
  • RTL architecture and core design
  • Timing closure on large scale FPGA designs
  • Debugging
  • High speed clocking design
  • Partial reconfiguration


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