April 12, 2018

Design Services

Electronic equipment manufacturers who would incorporate complex programmable devices in their designs face significant obstacles. Developing optimized and efficient IP for FPGAs requires specialized knowledge and extensive experience. At RokoLogik Programmable Solutions we have a professional team of developers with years of industry experience developing complex FPGA and software solutions. We have the knowledge and skills needed to ensure our customers realize differentiated products with high quality designs, faster development cycles, at a lower cost when compared to completing and maintaining the same development in house.

FPGA Design

RokoLogik provides FPGA design services to successfully deliver FPGA solutions across all markets: ICT (Information and Communications Technology), Automotive, Industrial, Military, Medical, Marine, Compute & Storage, Networking, etc…

  • vendor/device support
  • size and speed (big and fast)
  • partial reconfig
  • SoC experience
  • pcie/dma experience (data collection (up)/acceleration (down))
  • timing closure
  • verilog, systemverilog, vhdl

FPGA Verification

  • simulation
    • SystemVerilog
    • UVM
    • SystemC
  • hardware test
    • automated hardware validation
    • hardware debug
    • signaltap

Software Solutions

At RokoLogik, we develop software for embedded systems as a standalone service, or as part of an integrated solution with our FPGA Designs. We specialize in embedded Linux development, including writing device drivers, creating GUIs, and porting existing designs and/or developing new features and capabilities.

  • non-embedded/full applications
  • gpGPU/cuda
  • optimization
  • data processing
  • algorithms

Board Design

  • PCB design

Project Management

  • agile
  • team rampup/training